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We enable you to gain relevant insights in your customer base and increase repeat purchase. HUMAI is a fast growing intelligent marketing module built to maximise sales and revenue by data-driven customer segmentation for marketing campaigns. Customers that are likely to buy are identified, scored and activated in combination with recommended products and price levels by applying pre-developed algorithms. Thanks to an easy integration, results can be achieved quickly and without the use of a data analist and/or data scientist. With offices in Amsterdam and Cambridge, the HUMAI solution is trusted by a growing number of established brands.

Customer Insights

Who are your loyal customers, who are looking for a discount and who is in-market to buy? Gain an understanding of your customer base, fully automated. Which customers have a potential to spend more with you? What is driving your consumers to buy with you? And what is the true impact of products and pricing? HUMAI provides BI – and Marketing teams with actionable insights that can be used as an input for CRM and Marketing tactics.

Customer Segmentation

Segment your customer base intelligently. Go beyond human capabilities and use algorithms to select the right customers and the right offers for your campaigns. HUMAI generates customers labels, describing if your customer is in-market for your product(s) together with the best timing, marketing channel and offer to persuade them to buy with you. This enables marketers to build smarter and more advanced marketing campaigns in the platforms they already work in.

Marketing Activation

Activate customers that are in-market, increasing repeat purchase which results in more sales & revenue. Reach relevant customer segments in combination with the right product offer, at the right time and in the right channel. Thanks to integrations with relevant marketing platforms, IT implementation is not necessary. Through dynamic bannering or dynamic email templating, Marketing teams are able to reach the right audiences in marketing campaigns and create significant business impact

Study says that applying data science to loyalty programs is hardly used among marketing teams

Data science in action for driving marketing value is considered to be challenging by most organisations


Increase repeat purchase

Understand through relevant insights how to persuade which customers to buy more products from you and act on these insights.

Increase customer retention

More customers are retained when they receive the a relevant message & offer at the right time.

Better marketing campaigns

Data driven customer segments provide marketers with the most relevant and up to date information about what every customer in your base needs to build meaningful and valuable relationships

Over 50% of loyalty members are inactive according to research

Maximize customer value (CLV) by identifying the gap between current and potential customer value and activating customers through communication channels when they are likely to generate value

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