About Humai

Who we are

Marketing and data are in this era inseparable companions. There is no marketer that doesn’t try to optimise its activities with data. Using data to fuel marketing initiatives is however a world that we have just entered. New intelligent platforms are introduced every day and marketers are mainly still in trial mode when it comes to applying data science to optimise business results. Our data science as a service platform is unique and ahead of the market when it comes to applying data in marketing.
We believe data has a human touch. Everything we code and do is done with the individual in mind. We belief that it is the only way to influence consumer behaviour.

What we believe

Our goal is to reduce messaging by as much as 90%, while increasing effectiveness. The timing of messages is the first step in achieving our goal. Timing should fit consumer needs and make communication relevant for individuals. We focus all our efforts on customer centricity to serve end-users which will result in higher customer retention, appreciation and value for commercial brands.

We start with a focus on the customer and keep their interest in mind when optimizing models for commercial purposes. This ensures the best possible customer centric solution to drive commercial success through perfect customer engagement.

Our DNA originates from our years of experience in the field being business responsible at various organisations. HUMAI is built on these core beliefs:

– Organisations are not moving fast enough when applying data to marketing initiatives. One of the reasons is that data scientists are stuck between unstructured and hard to access IT data sources whilst marketers push on a backlog with use cases

– A data scientist can not model without understanding the context from a business perspective. A marketer can not optimise campaigns with data without truly understanding what your data can tell you

– Most organisations start from scratch when it comes to applying data to optimise business results. Our solution is built from the belief that data models don’t have to be reinvented every time

Our solutions leverage years of business experience and data science expertise to impact businesses faster than any other solution or consultancy agency in the market.