Stimulate repeat purchase





Fashion is a very busy market with consumers looking for the latest, fanciest and best deals. This particular fashion retailer had no problem acquiring new customers, but could do better at retaining them. The marketing team therefore set the challenge to increase the frequency of repeat purchases made by customers that have done one, two or more than two transactions.



After centralising and harmonising all relevant data, HUMAI’s software identified the customers per order segment that had a high purchase-intent for the coming weeks. Then relevant drivers for buying more products were discovered per order segment. This helped to understand why customers from a specific order segment placed an additional order. The drivers influencing repeat purchase were used when reaching ready-to-buy customers that had done one order. The same was done for in-market customers that had done two orders or two or more.



Thanks to understanding drivers influencing purchase decisioning making the right message could be send at the right time to the right customer. Campaigns with highly personalised messages send to existing customers that are likely to buy more products, resulted in an increase of 15% in repeat purchases.