Optimise CLV

One of the use cases that our solution is built for, is to optimise CLV through understanding RFM drivers. Human behaviour is driven mainly by need and time. These two elements are heavily underestimated in today’s marketing. Understanding when (time) an individual is in the market and for what (need) is key to be granted attention to get your message across. This enables “nudging” of loyalty members and customers at precisely the right time in direct communication channels matching commercial goals (eg. volume, frequency, revenue, margin, cost).

To identify need we use e.g. market -, sentiment -, contextual -, CRM – and historic datasets. These are run through our models to discover patterns and are translated into propensity scores (ranging from 0 (not in market) to 1 (will buy)) on need-level (e.g. “new clothing”, “food”, “transportation”). The scores are mapped against client offering and goals (e.g. sales, margins, customer, volume, value).

Our platform is different, because it is not created to drive demand, but capture customer need at the right time. This makes it the ONLY customer centric direct marketing tool in today’s push (direct) marketing world.

Timing x Need = Relevance = Retention = Loyalty = Value